25 tips to skyrocket revenue for your garage door company without hiring more staff

In this article, we will discuss how you can be successful in the garage door industry without hiring more staff.

You can increase your revenue by implementing a few changes to your online marketing strategy, customer service, social media, local SEO & GMB, and online promotions. Here are 25 tips for success!

In 2021 online marketing has changed in an aspect that it be very important for garage door companies.

The way we interact with brands and identify with them on social media is changing drastically. In 2021, more people are expected to subscribe to paid social media than ever before, they’ll also spend more time on that platform than any other. Gone are the days of clicking on a link to reach a website or app; instead, consumers will choose which site they want to go to without any interruption.

Understanding your audience and learning how to communicate with them effectively on social media is essential in staying relevant. Here are some tips that will help you rock it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat!

Take a look at these stats for an idea of how big Facebook has become:  · 3 million businesses have active Pages · 61 million small businesses use Facebook  · 1.4 billion people on the site login at least once a month  · 53% of all 18 to 29-year-old’s check their Facebook account daily  · 400 million active users on mobile

Here are some additional stats that show how big Twitter has become:  · Twitter has 175 million average unique visitors per month    · 53% of Twitter users are on the platform multiple times a day  · There are 500 million Tweets sent every day

These statistics show how important it is to have an optimized website that not only looks great but also ranks at the top for relevant keywords. Your clients will do most of their research before they ever call you or come to your website. If they have a problem that needs an answer, the chances are good that they’ll get it from Google! In 2021 optimizing your site for local SEO will be essential in ranking at the top.

Now here are 25 tips on how you can optimize your garage door company website in 2021

1. Make sure all of your content is optimized for SEO.

In 2021 local SEO will be a huge part of ranking high on Google and other search engines.  Are all of your pages are tagged with relevant keywords? What about your blog posts or press releases?  In 2021 if you want to rank higher than the competitors, you need to make sure that everything has been properly optimized.

2. You need to make sure your site is responsive!

In 2021 Google will be punishing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly because it will hurt their overall ranking in the search rankings. If you want to dominate, you need a mobile-friendly website that looks equally as great on desktop computers. In 2021 this means an overhaul of your current website to make sure it’s responsive and looks the same on all platforms!

3. Get yourself a Google MyBusiness page, a Facebook Business Page, and an active Twitter account.

If you don’t have any social presence yet now is a great time to create one.   In 2021 more people will search for businesses and brands on social media than ever before.  If you want to start dominating your local area, you must be found on all of the major platforms!

4. Get yourself a Yelp page too!

Similar to Google My Business & Facebook Business pages, Yelp has become a very powerful platform in search rankings. In 2021 the higher your Yelp ranking is, the more exposure you’ll get locally.

5. Share content from these platforms on your website and social media

One of the most effective ways that you can begin to gather a following is by sharing content with them regularly! In 2021 you will start seeing more “following” features on social networks that will help you stay connected to those that are interested in your content.  Never forget though, that without a great piece of content on your website you have nothing to share!

6. Make sure all of the metadata on your site is relevant and correct

In 2021 if Google can’t figure out what your page or blog post or snippet is about, you may never show up in the search rankings. Make sure that you’ve included all of the relevant information like your business name and address!

7. Add review features to your website

Review sites have become very useful tools for consumers when it comes to researching a product or service.  If you’re not getting reviews on your website, you must start getting them! You can even ask your clients to leave reviews on sites like Yelp too.

8. If you don’t have a blog yet, get one started now!

Blogs allow you to stay connected with your potential and current customers by providing content for them to read that is both interesting and relevant. In 2021 you’re going to see more and more businesses incorporating blog posts into their social media marketing strategy.

9. Make sure that your website is mobile responsive

In 2021 websites that are not mobile-friendly will be kicked out of search rankings since they’re deemed “not relevant” to the user’s needs. If you want to dominate, make sure your site can be used on mobile devices!

10. Make sure to include a business phone number and address in all of your content

Google is starting to penalize websites that have duplicate, irrelevant, or misleading information. When you’re optimizing your site for SEO, it’s important to make sure that it’s filled with great content that is relevant to your customers!

11. Get your website on Google MyBusiness and Facebook Business pages.

If you want to rank higher in search rankings, in 2021 you must verify all of the information that is being displayed about your business.  Make sure to claim and fill out everything completely so that users can find as much information about your business as possible.

12. Make sure that you’re verified on Yelp too!

In 2021 if you want to show up in search results, it’s important that users can find out what your company is all about. It’s not enough to just create a great website anymore; you need to start optimizing for mobile & social too!

13. Add your website to Google Webmaster tools (if you haven’t already)

If you’re not familiar with the concept of search ranking, you must start learning more. Once again in 2021 mobile is going to be a primary factor when it comes to rankings.  As a result, if your website isn’t responsive mobile friendly you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.

14. Add Google Analytics (again, if you haven’t already)

In 2021 you must begin tracking your website’s search rankings and use this information to improve your SEO strategy over time. If you don’t have analytics set up on your website yet, add it as soon as possible!

15. Use social media (especially LinkedIn) to get your name out there

You must begin connecting with more and more people on social media. Remember, the goal is to spread brand awareness while also building trust among consumers. With a LinkedIn account, you can connect with professionals in your industry and share knowledge about what it takes to be successful!

16. Make sure that your website is running off an HTTPS connection

In 2021 it’s going to be more important than ever to use a secure website address.  You must change your current connection as soon as possible!

17. Don’t forget about local SEO & Google My Business as part of your overall strategy

In 2021 it’s going to be important that you optimize for mobile and social media too because they are becoming a primary ranking factor.  If you don’t have your business verified on Google My Business or Yelp, you must get started doing so!

20. Start getting reviews and ask for them wherever possible

In 2021 if people can’t find out what other clients think about your company, they are not likely to trust you. It’s extremely important to get reviews and make sure that you are getting them in front of your target market.

18. Optimize your website for mobile + social media

In 2021 it’s going to be more important than ever before to optimize your website for search rankings!  To remain competitive, we recommend looking into tools like Google Webmaster’s Console to help you get started!

19. Start using Schema markup on your website wherever possible

In 2021 you must take steps towards adding schema markup to your content.  Make sure to use this across the board to make life easier for Google!

20. Create blog posts and share them with as many people as possible

It’s important that you start blogging and regularly communicating with your target market. As part of this process, it’s a good idea to share posts on major social platforms to spread the word about what you’re doing!

21. Make sure that you’re using video on your website too

You must start using video to share information about what is going on within your company. If people can see who they are buying from it builds trust! If you can’t set up a video camera, we recommend setting up a Skype account!

22. Use other “local SEO” directories to help you get found on Google Maps

Did you know that there is an entire business directory dedicated to helping people find businesses on the web? If you’re in the garage door industry it’s going to be important that you get found on Google Maps as well!

23. Don’t forget about building links to your website to improve your search rankings

In 2021 it’s going to be important that you build quality backlinks wherever possible.  You can do this by reaching out to other blogs and businesses in your industry!

24. Reach out to local areas across the web like Reddit, Yelp & Twitter

In 2021 you must use Reddit, Yelp, and Twitter to share what is going on with your company. This way people can see what you do before they make a purchase!

25. Develop an offline presence through handouts at local events, informational calls, or community-focused activities

You must start reaching out to other people in your local area. Be sure to let them know what you do and how they can get in touch with you!

To be successful in the garage door industry without hiring more staff, you must use a few tricks like implementing local SEO & GMB, using video on your website, and reaching out to other people in your field.

If these tips seem overwhelming or too time-consuming for you, don’t worry!

If you want help we’re here waiting with open arms just send us an email at sarahalignmnetonline.com about how we can partner together!

What are some of the strategies that have worked best for you?

We’d love to hear from our readers whether they’ve been successful following this guide or not.

Let us know what has helped give your company success so far by leaving a comment below right now!

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