26 Incredible Tips For Increasing Conversions On Your Locksmith Website

If you’re a locksmith, you’ve undoubtedly had to deal with some trying customers. Whether it’s an angry customer who feels that they were overcharged or someone who just doesn’t understand why their key broke, there are all sorts of ways people can test your patience and skills as a locksmith.

But if you want to stand out from the competition and be able to provide great customer service while still making good money, then these 26 tips will help you do just that. With these tips in hand, we’ll explore how marketing can be tricky for any business owner – but not as tricky as it used to be! You’ll also learn about what “targeting” means when it comes to advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With great targeting comes a great ROI.

From optimizing your website to running competitions and giveaways, read on to find out how you can get better results from your website and social media posts – and increase conversions by 26%!

26 Incredible Tips For Increasing Conversions On Your Locksmith Website

1) Optimize Your Site For Locksmith SEO

People don’t always Google “locksmiths” or even keywords like that – they’ll search for things like “how to rekey a door lock.” Your business needs to be easy-to-find on search engines so it ranks high in the results. To give you the best ranking, your site should also be mobile-friendly and include a good amount of quality content.

Think of it this way: if you were searching for local locksmiths, what would you do? You’d probably look on your phone or maybe print out some business cards. You could also ask friends and family where they go when they need a locksmith – so think about whether the content on your site is easy to share! From blog posts to downloadable guides, you should include content that’s valuable, but also easy for people to share with their friends.

And don’t forget, Google is constantly changing the rules of SEO, so stay on top of current trends and use tools like Majestic or Moz to monitor your rank.

– Make sure your locksmith business website is mobile-friendly

– Include quality content, like blog posts or downloadable guides

– Stay on top of current SEO trends but also use tools to monitor your rank

2) Create A Prominent CTA

Conversion rates – the percentage of people who take a specific action on your website – matter! If you can get more people to read your blog posts or sign up for a giveaway, then you’ll have an easier time converting them into paying customers later. That’s why a prominent call-to-action is a must-have for your locksmith website.

And don’t think offsite CTAs are any less important – you need to make sure people know what they can gain from visiting your site, even if they aren’t ready to call or visit the page now. That’s why all of your online ads should include a prominent CTA. Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads, make sure your ads include a clear call-to-action that encourages people to click!

– Make sure CTAs are easy to find – don’t bury them in the footer of your website

– Put CTAs on all forms of online advertising, like social media ads and PPC campaigns

3) Write Helpful Locksmith Articles Titles & Descriptions

Titles are everything when it comes to SEO! They’re the first thing someone sees when they look at your page’s ranking, and they can determine whether or not people click on your link. When you write a post, make sure you include an attention-grabbing headline that includes keywords – but doesn’t spam! You might want to spice things up with emojis instead. And while we’re talking about emojis:

The use of emojis (and emoticons) tends to be pretty uneven across all types of businesses. If you use them, try to match the emoji usage with your target market and overall brand image. For example, if you run a locksmith business in a hip neighborhood, you might want to use more urban emojis. On the other hand, if you have a traditional business, stick with simpler emoticons.

– Make sure your article titles and descriptions include keywords – Use emojis appropriately for your target market and overall brand image

4) Optimize Your Images For Locksmith SEO

Including captions with your images is a great way to add some relevant content while keeping things fun! Nobody wants to be sold on every post they read – so try adding a caption that’s related to the topic but also makes people feel good about themselves or their situation. A great example might be “we’ve been able to help customers quickly when they’ve had the misfortune of getting locked out – just like this dog who needed help!”

– Keep your captions relevant and fun, but also helpful

– Add alt text to images to make sure they’re fully optimized for SEO

5) Make Sure You’ve Optimized Your Locksmith Site’s, Internal Links

The links that point from one page on your site to another are called “internal” links. They can be a huge factor in helping Google discover your content since they help the search engine understand how the different pages on your site related. That’s why you need to make sure you’ve carefully considered where internal links should go! In most cases, it makes sense to place them as close as possible to relevant keywords or phrases. If you have a post about “how to get in your car when you lock your keys inside”, for example, make sure the internal links include the keywords like “car lockout” and “get locked keys”.

– Make sure there’s enough internal linking to help Google discover new pages on your site

6) Optimize Your Locksmith Site With Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are another type of link that can help Google figure out what content is most important on your website. Unlike other breadcrumbs, these appear vertically at the top of every page on your site – just look for them under any title or description! You should have something that looks like this: Home > Blog > How To Get In Your Car When You Lock Your Keys Inside

– Remember to optimize your breadcrumbs for SEO!

7) Include Helpful Content – Don’t Sell!

Selling is much easier when you’re talking to someone face-to-face. On the phone, it’s much harder to tell if people are interested in what you’re saying. Unfortunately, that means that many locksmiths end up giving too many hard-sell pitches on their website or social media channels. And while closing sales is important, there are other ways to do it besides being pushy! You can show people how helpful your products are without selling directly.

– Make sure not all of your content is focused on selling something – Try adding more informational posts instead

8) Write Long-Form Content That Will Rank Better For Locksmith Related Keywords

More and more Google users are using smartphones to conduct product or service-related searches. That means that if you want your locksmith website to rank well, you need to make sure it’s easy for users to quickly get what they’re looking for. One of the best ways to do this is by publishing long-form content which is over 1,000 words in length. Google likes longer pages because they tend to be more helpful and easier to read on mobile devices – so long as the content itself is useful!

– Try writing some long form content for your site

9) Make Sure Your Page Loads Fast

Speed can be a huge conversion driver when it comes to locksmith websites – especially if people are doing quick searches while they’re standing near their locked car or home! Even if the page is built well, however, it can still be blocked or slow to download. To prevent this problem, make sure your site isn’t using too much JavaScript and visit PageSpeed Insights for a quick analysis of how your site’s doing.

– Make sure you’re not loading unnecessary widgets or scripts that might slow down page load times!

10) Provide Detailed Contact Information On Every Page

Customers need different types of information depending on where they are in the buying process. For example, people who are just looking for a locksmith service would be happier with an “emergency” number to call – while people who have found a product they want to buy will find a number designed specifically for sales more useful. No matter who they are or what the question is, make sure your customers can always find your contact information by including it as close as possible to keywords and phrases.

– Make sure there’s a clear way for people to contact you on every page of your site

11) Create A Blog To Increase Lead Generation And Engagement

Blogs are an excellent way to build traffic and search engine rankings! If that wasn’t enough, blogs also allow you to create consistent content around specific topics – which will help Google understand more about what types of locksmith-related posts should show up in search results. It also helps human visitors know where to look for similar posts in the future! You can host your blog on free sites like WordPress or Tumblr if you want, or you can use paid platforms like Velocity or HubSpot.

– Try setting up a blog to create more content around locksmith-related topics!

12) Be Optimistic And Fun – Avoid “Scamming” People

You need trust before you can sell to someone. That means that you want people to know that they’re dealing with someone nice, open, and honest. While this might seem difficult when running an automatic key cutting service in the city, try limiting your sales pitches to only when it seems appropriate (like when customers ask for your assistance). You can also make yourself seem more approachable by posting fun videos or images on social media channels! Even if people aren’t buying immediately, they’ll think of you positively next time they have a problem with their lock.

– Have fun and be positive! Don’t try to sell something unless it seems appropriate or people ask you for help

13) Use Testimonials To Convince More Customers To Buy Your Products And Services

People trust other people, so having third-party endorsements can really help your conversions rates. You don’t have to have a ton of them – just a couple from reputable sources can go a long way toward convincing readers that you’re the right choice when someone needs a locksmith. If you’re not sure where to get these testimonials, look around for satisfied customers who would want to give an opinion about how well your business worked, or try looking at review sites like Yelp.

– Include third-party endorsements somewhere on your site that talks about how great you are!

14) Track Where Your Locksmith Leads Are Coming From To Find Out What’s Working And What Isn’t

By tracking your leads and conversions, you can see what kinds of content and information people are looking for when they come to your locksmith website. This way, you won’t be creating material that isn’t helpful or interesting – instead, you’ll know how to make things better based on data! You can use this same idea when optimizing your site for search engines like Google too. If you’re not sure where to start with statistics, try out tools like Optimize or Google Analytics.

– Use trackers like Optimizely or Google Analytics to track who visits us and how they interact with our site.

15) Cross Promote On Your Social Media Accounts

It might seem counterproductive to post about the same business on different social media sites, but it’s actually not! By using tagging or linking between your accounts, you can allow people who see your content on Twitter to follow relevant links back to your website – which will expose them to more of your locksmith-related content. This way, you’re building up an audience who will come back time and time again!

– Try cross-promoting on our various social media channels.

16) Use Email Marketing To Reach Existing Customers And Gain Leads

There’s nothing easier than using email marketing to promote your locksmith business! You can use it to offer discounts, product updates, and links back to useful blog posts. The key with email marketing is that you’re providing value first – just like we do here at Locksmith Empire! You can use services like MailChimp or ConvertKit for this type of email list building.

– Build an email list so we can reach out to people about special offers and new blog posts!

17) Make Sharing Your Content Easy For Your Readers With Social Media Buttons On Every Post

People love sharing content on their favorite social media channels (like Twitter and Facebook ), but it’s often hard to tell which articles people will enjoy the most. With social sharing buttons on every post, you can find out what content is popular and improve your conversions rates by making it easy for readers to share with their friends. You can also track clicks this way, so you know where they’re coming from – which is good for your SEO score.

– Check what posts get shared the most by including simple sharing buttons!

18) Use Locksmith Videos To Capture Clicks And Attract Attention

We all love watching YouTube videos, right? Well, using video in your content marketing strategy can really help connect with customers and create new locksmith leads! If you want some tips on how to make great videos (and how not to), check out some of the videos we’ve made here at Locksmith Empire!

– Include a lock picking video on our site to show people what we do and how awesome it is.

19) Use The Right Color Scheme To Improve Conversions

The colors that you use on your locksmith website can have a big impact on conversions for two main reasons: A) They help users see where they can go on your site, which increases time spent on the page and B) Colors affect peoples’ moods, which in turn affects how they feel about your brand and trust your business. There’s no one specific color scheme – ask yourself what feels right and experiment with different shades until you find the best fit!

– Pick out colors that attract the right types of customers.

20) Use Video To Tell Our Locksmith Company’s Story

Every good business has a story – whether it’s about how the company came to be or what sets them apart from its competitors. Do some research on your locksmith company and find out what makes you unique! Then, try creating videos that tell this story so prospective customers can see why they should trust your locksmith business with their home security needs.

– Make a video about our locksmith history/approach to give people an idea of what we’re all about.

21) Write Useful Blog Posts About Locksmith Related Topics And Share Them On Social Media Sites

We’ve said it before, but blogging is huge for SEO scores! When you write a new blog post, make sure it’s about one of your key locksmith services or a problem that people in this business tend to experience. Then, share the link on social media channels. If you’re consistent with blogging and sharing content on your social media accounts, not only will readers come back time and again – they’ll also start to trust you more as an authority figure!

– Write a blog post about something efficient for our locksmith company and then share it across all our social media accounts!

22) Keep Your Lock Picking Videos Updated With Useful Tips And Techniques

Our customers love seeing how we do what we do, so why not give them even more? As well as posting videos of our professional tools in action, we also sometimes create new videos showing how locks work and how to pick the right one for your needs. This will not only help you show off your knowledge of locksmithing, but it will also get more eyes on your content and attract some new customers in the process!

– Make a video about choosing the right lock and post it across social media channels.

23) Use A “Best Of” Page To Showcase Your Best Locksmith Work

People love to see examples of your work, so why not create a page on your locksmith website called, for example, ” Our Best Locksmith Services “? On this page, you can share some of the best jobs that you’ve worked on and potential customers will be able to browse these without having to search through all your listings. This makes it easy for them to identify what kind of jobs you do and how much they cost – which is great if they’re looking for a locksmith company in their area!

– Create a category of our most popular/best work and post pictures and videos there.

24) Optimize Your Google Business Listing

If you don’t have a Google My Business listing for your locksmith company, go and create one right now! Once you’re set-up, make sure that all the information is complete and accurate so customers can easily find your locksmith business. You should also add tags to help customers figure out what kind of locksmith work you do – everything from “locksmith” to “24-hour Locksmith” to “auto lock smith”!

– Make sure our GMB account has lots of relevant tags!

25) Create A List Of Useful Links On Your Locksmith Home Page

Instead of having a long list of services and products on your home page, you can also try listing some useful links to other websites. For example, we have a link to online locksmith tools and resources and our blog. Not only does this give people quick access to your most important pages, but it also gives them the choice as to what they want to see!

– Have an ‘advanced search’ or ‘resources’ section for customers that would like more options before finding out about specific services.

26) Use PPC Ads To Capture People Looking For A Locksmith Near Me

If you’re new in town or just haven’t yet invested in a local SEO campaign, then you may find that a lot of people are looking for a locksmith near them via pay-per-click ads. PPC ads give you the chance to show potential customers what type of services you offer and how much they cost. Make sure your website is rank #1 so you can bring these leads in and convert them!

– Run some lock-related PPC ads on Google/Yahoo etc.

Locksmith marketing can be tricky because you have to speak to your customer’s wants and needs for them to convert.

The more you know about how they think, the better chance of getting a sale! If all this sounds intimidating or if you’re not sure where to start when it comes time to put these tips into action, then let us help.

Our team is ready and waiting with years of experience that will ensure your locksmith company thrives on digital platforms like social media or Google My Business listings.

Reach out today so we can get started on creating an SEO campaign strategy tailored specifically for lock-related businesses.

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