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Top 10 Most Important Local SEO Ranking Factors You Must Know Google My Business Optimization Tips

A fully optimized Google My Business (GMBO) profile can make your business stand out in the search results. It will make your business more visible and attract customers. There are many tips that I have utilized to manage my GMBO profile.

Currently, there are a few methods to optimize a GMBO profile like utilizing keywords, completing one’s contact information, completing one’s address, including reviews, adding pictures and videos from YouTube or Flickr as well as complete one’s hours of operation. I find that doing these tasks regularly helps me keep up with my GMBO profile because they’re also tasks I need to do for other parts of the business.

How to properly optimize a Google My Business (GMBO) profile

Tips on how to fully optimize your Google My Business profile and create a footprint online that leaves lasting impressions on potential customers, along with tips to help you maintain it in the long term.

Optimizing your address so it can be found by search engines best describes why optimizing GMB is important. Optimized GMB profiles that have complete business addresses tend to rank higher in the search results and tend to be more relevant.

Complete your “Address” by adding an address line 1, Address line 2, City, State/Province & ZIP code. In the edit interface, you can enter one or two lines of text for each address field. Fielding and Company names do not need to be completed.

This is the section where you can also add onsite attributes like your hours of operation and operating holidays.

Make sure that adding/updating your business address in GMB is consistent across all accounts including Google My Business for mobile, Google+ Local page, Maps, etc. because it may seem like new information to Google and add value to your GMB listing.

I would also recommend adding a physical address as well since many users searching in GMB are looking for the location of the business.

Additionally, be sure to include all phone numbers (most important) that you can use to contact your business like the main phone number, fax, voice mail, phone extensions, and mobile.

Additionally, be sure to include all phone numbers (most important) that you can use to contact your business like the main phone number, fax, voice mail, phone extensions, and mobile.

The GMB update works slower than Google Local so it may take several days for any changes made to show up in your listing. If you are doing any regular changes and updates to your GMB listing you should notice a positive influence by keeping it updated.

Overall, adding complete information for your business address will ensure that those who are searching for your business in Google Maps can locate you accurately.

I would recommend also checking and updating the location of the pin on Google Map especially if the business has moved to a new location.

This is the section where you can add important information about your business that users may be looking for when searching in Google Maps. When updating GMB, include information like introduction text, opening hours & close times, payment methods, and if there are any promotions or discounts currently available. This is an opportunity to add more value to the listing so people can easily make decisions.

Also, be sure to fill out any additional information that is asked in the section such as a business summary or any other text that describes your business and its services.

When managing a GMB profile I would recommend inserting social links like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. into the social links section. This is a good opportunity to help build your brand and get found on these platforms by being present in GMB plus it helps in getting more traffic onto your website.

Link sharing sections are generated new leads from local search results, which means that users can follow Google+ Local pages without having to go through one of the Google search results.

For businesses that have multiple locations, adding and updating GMB for each location is important because it shows consistency across all accounts by having similar information in each listing. A lot of users globally are using Google Maps to find your business through their mobile devices so optimizing your GMB profile should be the top priority if you do not have one.

When updating your GMB profile I would recommend uploading a high-resolution image that contains some eye-catching elements like a logo or any other texts you want to highlight making sure you add a great description. This is also where you should add detailed information about whatever is contained in the image since it is important to be describing everything visible on the profile.

The added images section will increase traffic and local engagement as well as building your brand presence online by creating custom landing pages for each of your services, products, or anything else you can sell. This can also help in getting more website traffic from Google Maps.

I would recommend using Google Map for Business to make things easier for users and can help drive additional traffic to your website.

The GMB update is a great opportunity for business owners to tell people about their business, helping them understand how the location works and even get some extra leads or sales from it.

Optimizing your Google My Business profile is a great way to drive traffic, leads, and sales for your business. So I would recommend using this section to integrate additional information like links and even videos that can help you connect with your visitors more effectively.

Also, there are some guidelines for reviews ratings and responses which I would highly recommend you take action on by adding some information to this section.

The caption section is a great area where you can add some recommendations or any other text that could help promote your business and entice users into clicking through to your website or perform a certain action like following your social media accounts.

If there are any fields with special characters like quotation marks, dashes, etc., be sure to encode the text into HTML or use special characters to avoid errors while submitting.

Is there a location of your business that you want the users to know about? It can be whatever matters most like a service area, products carried, etc. This is where you will be adding value by describing it before someone clicks through.

The phone section is important for your business because a lot of users nowadays are looking up Google Maps to find their location and call them. So be sure to add your contact information so you don’t lose any potential customers.

When shaping your GMB profile into the most optimized one possible I would definitely recommend setting it as the primary listing that will be shown in some cases, this feature is important for businesses having multiple locations.

This is the section where people can see you as a Google My Business expert, it will also help to promote your business by showing in local search results and some others which are related to business owners who have skills listed in their GMB profiles.

Users can save your GMB onto their Google Map to find your business easier. You can also add custom tab information for this section that will help customers get some more valuable information from your website.

When setting up your GMB profile you should be aware of its location and make sure it is showing the correct one so users can find it quickly and easily. This is important because users will associate this profile with a certain business and lose interest if it doesn’t match the other pages.

Make sure you fill in all fields on your GMB profile to be more visible and provide as much information as possible. This is where you should add some unique pictures of your business that will help attract new customers or increase conversion rates.

At the end of each section, you should add some extra information like star rating which can help you get more trust and authority. Also, some other features might help your business to be found on Google Maps like adding a link or video, etc.

The first thing I would recommend is using an optimized description, it can make a big difference.

If you don’t have time to write your own, we can always help. If you go through our service I promise you will get a fully optimized description with no grammar mistakes and be ready for multiple search queries.

If you have multiple locations then it is a great idea to add an optimized address section. Otherwise, I would recommend putting the Google Maps PBC marker on this page as well to help users find the location easily.

In case of any accidents or issues, you should make sure the information is shown here quickly and professionally. You can also put the information about your products or services being offered.

If you have done everything perfectly up to this point it is time to optimize your GMB for mobile searches, that is a great way to make sure all your hard work will be visible on Google Map apps and mobile search results.

Optimizing for local search should be one of the most important things for all business owners and I would definitely recommend going through this article to help you understand better.

If you are a local business then it is highly recommended that you try out features to show your GMB in search results and if not then make sure your location information on Google Maps is accurate.

This section can make a big difference in your business by putting up more information about the company and its services.

If you have an official website for your business then it is a great idea to link it directly from your GMB profile, this way users can find more information on your website or come back to check out what’s new.

If you are using a Google My Business manager then you can manage your GMB profiles quickly and easily. I would recommend having one for all locations of your business because it causes less confusion.

Display your presence here to make sure users will see that on Google Maps, I would recommend adding some information about opening hours, etc.

Always remember to keep your GMB profile up to date to be found easier on Google Maps and make sure it is optimized for the best results.

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