How to create a fully optimized locksmith Google My Business Page

There are many ways that you can optimize your locksmith business, and a Google My Business page is just one of them.

A Google My Business page will allow you to showcase your most recent reviews from customers, provide directions for those who need help getting to the store, and even keep your customer updated on the latest specials. It’s easy to create a fully optimized locksmith Google My Business Page, so take this article as an introduction on how to do it!

>1) Create a Google Account:

The first step in creating a fully optimized locksmith google my business page is creating an account with google. To do this go to You will be asked some questions about what kind of product or service you are offering, what your business name is, and your business address. If you already have a Google account for Gmail or YouTube, then you can use that to sign in.

>2) Add Business Info:

Once you have created an account go to

You will then have to add some additional information including your business hours, the category your business fits under, and photos of your place of business. If you are not familiar with Google My Business Pages it is important to use keywords in these boxes because they show up as potential search results on Google. For your business name, use your company’s full name with “Locksmith” appended.

>3) Add Photos:

Add a few photos of the interior and exterior of your place of business. This is where you need to be careful! You don’t want to show anything in the photo that will give away the fact that you are a locksmith. For instance, if you have a photo of your storefront and it shows a large number of locks on display, that will make it obvious to Google (and anyone who sees those photos in search results) that you are a locksmith. Instead replace the photo with one of something innocuous–something like a close-up of a plant with the focus put on the leaves, or an old photo of your founder (just be sure to crop out any computer screens that may show locksmith ads).

>4) Get More Reviews:

Now that you have created a Google My Business page, it’s time to add more reviews. You can do this either by your customer contacting you directly to review you or by encouraging them via email. If you want to go the latter route, it’s best to go on a review exchange with local businesses in your area. A simple way of going about that is starting a group on Facebook and inviting all other local businesses (in your niche) to join. Then you can share reviews within the Facebook group, and benefit from other businesses doing the same for you. This will raise awareness of your locksmith business as well as generate additional positive reviews.

>5) Share on Social:

Once you have created a fully optimized Google My Business page for your locksmith business, share it on social media to get as many people as possible to view your page. This will help you see how well you are doing with your online presence and continue improving on what works.

>6) Optimize:

Once your fully optimized Google My Business page is launched, think about ways that you can continually improve it. For instance, you can monitor your reviews on Google and respond to them directly. You can also note if a product is not working correctly or if a customer has any complaints that you might want to address.

>7) Track Keyword Rankings:

When choosing keywords for your locksmith business website or Google My Business page, it’s important to consider the competition. This means how many other pages are using that same keyword, and how good they are at optimizing their page (based on the score). The best way to track your keyword ranking is by signing up for a Moz Pro subscription.

>8) Keyword Optimization:

To optimize your Google My Business page for the keywords you want to be found for, you’re going to have to do some keyword research. This means figuring out what keywords people are using in search engines and how many searches they get each month. The best way to do this is by signing up for a free account on Moz (if you haven’t done so already). Once your account is ready, you can evaluate the keyword scores for each page and see what keywords people are using to find the business.

>9) Provide Valuable Content:

One of the biggest mistakes locksmiths make online is that they do not provide any valuable content. This means they don’t give visitors anything useful (in terms of information or resources) that they can take away from the website. This is a huge mistake because Google’s algorithm (known as RankBrain) takes into account whether or not your page offers valuable content to determine if it should rank high on search results.

>10) Make It Easy:

For those locksmiths who are already busy running a business (as well as trying to manage their digital presence), it’s important to make things easier. This means making your website mobile-friendly, using Google Hangouts for virtual visits, and more.

>11) Stay Focused on SEO:

Remember that when you optimize your locksmith’s Google My Business page, you are working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This means optimizing your online presence for search engines and is done to make sure people can find you as quickly as possible when they do an Internet search. It’s also done to help Google’s search engine understand what your page is about and decide whether or not it should be among the first results in the search results.

>12) Don’t Forget Social:

When you are optimizing your locksmith business website, don’t forget to optimize its social media channels as well. This means you should update your Facebook page at least once a day, post on Twitter several times weekly, and try to get your website onto Yelp (the top review site).

>13) Create Backlinks:

One of the most important aspects of online marketing is building backlinks. This means getting third-party sites to link to your website. When a third-party site links to your business’s website, it shows Google that the content on the other site is relevant to yours and can improve your page’s rank on search results.

>14) Improve Your Content:

If you want more backlinks from third-party sites, then you need to provide extremely valuable content that is relevant to your Google My Business page. Make sure you identify the keywords you want to rank for and then provide web pages that actually answer questions related to those terms. You can also create articles or blog posts related to these topics, and link back to your website in the author bio at the end of each article. This way, a third-party site will know to link back to your website.

>15) Pay Attention to Reviews:

As you try to optimize your locksmith business’s Google My Business page and online presence in general, don’t forget about its reviews. Not only do new customers like seeing actual customer feedback for the business (to learn more about what they can expect), but Google also uses review sites to determine how well a page should rank. So, if you want your locksmith company to start showing up at the top of search results, make sure you have positive reviews from previous customers.

>16) Add Video:

As you’re working on optimizing your business’s Google My Business page, one of the things you should do is create a video that explains who you are. You can then upload this to YouTube and link it from your page. This way, not only will people be able to watch your video on their own time, but they will also understand what you do without typing in your address or clicking “view website.”

>17) Make Updates Regularly:

Even though your Google My Business page will allow you to make updates quickly, you don’t want to be the guy who wastes everyone’s time by making unnecessary tweaks every day. To stay up-to-date on what customers are saying about your business and to make sure you’re giving them the information they need, try to update your page about once a week.

>18) Get More Reviews:

Remember that if you want your locksmith business to start showing up at the top of Google search results, then getting more positive reviews is important. If you haven’t had any of your customers write a review yet, then ask them to do so. You can give them a discount on their next lock or latch change if they let other people know what they thought about the business. You could also hire an online marketing company such as Alignment Online Marketing to handle the reviews for you.

>19) Pay Attention to Your Status:

As one of the best tips for optimizing your Google My Business page for locksmiths, remember that it’s important to keep track of what’s going on in Google’s index. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to see how often your page is being accessed, as well as how many links are pointing back to your site. You can then take this information and adjust the page so it’s more effective.

>20) Invest in Local SEO:

If you want your locksmith business to be successful, then you need to invest in local SEO. That means paying for a monthly SEO service. Not only will these services help you get more customer reviews for your Google My Business page, but they can also ensure that you’re ranking at the top of search results for terms related to locksmiths in your area.

>21) Use All of Your Tools:

As a business owner, it’s important to remember that optimizing your business’s Google My Business page is going to take time. You’re not going to see the effects of your efforts overnight, and that means you need to put in a lot of work when it comes to creating quality content and getting backlinks. But, if you want people to notice what you have to offer, then it’s worth it to put in the effort.

If you want to be a successful locksmith, then your Google My Business page must be fully optimized.

The tips we’ve shared should help you get started thinking about how you can leverage the power of the human brain to increase customer conversion rates and drive more sales for your business online.

We hope these neuroscience principles have helped illustrate why having an optimized presence on Google My Business pages is vital for any company looking to succeed. It will take time but if done correctly, this strategy can really pay off! What are some other cognitive neuroscience strategies or techniques that work well with your marketing efforts? Let us know by commenting below!

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