With the Thousands of Locksmith Businesses Popping up Each Year, It’s Hard to Stay Afloat in The Digital World without Some Help.

You must follow these simple steps to optimize your website for search engines and be found by customers on the internet. These are the best tips for ranking locksmiths on Google-and they’re pretty simple!

Alignment Online Marketing is a marketing agency that specializes in SEO services for small business owners like you. We have helped many locksmiths rank their business on page 1 of Google with our proven process. If you want more information about how we can help your business grow online, please contact us at (512) 831-7322 or send an email

Want to Know How To Rank Your Locksmith Business on Page 1 of Google?

What every locksmith business needs to do these days is optimize their website for search engines. This can mean big money for your company, as it has for many others before you. If you want more customers, then write an article that targets local keywords and put them on the first page of Google with SEO techniques that’s how locksmiths get the phone to ring!

Alignmnetonline.com has helped many locksmith businesses get on page 1 of Google because we have an incredible team that specializes in SEO services. We are a marketing agency specializing in helping local businesses get more online exposure and find new clients that care about your business. We recommend you follow these simple steps to help your locksmith business get the page 1 ranking that it deserves.

The First Step You Must Take Is Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines.

This is the most important part in how to rank a locksmith business on page 1 of Google and it’s also the simplest task you must take when trying to find new customers online. Most people think that this is just for big businesses with massive budgets, but that’s not necessarily true these days! We’ve helped countless locksmith businesses rank their website on page 1 of Google with the same process you need to follow.

The Next Step Is Boosting Your Keyword Density.

What this means is that you must find all of the local keywords your potential customers care about and put them in their content somewhere. Notice how we said ‘somewhere’-keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore so you must be smart about it. When writing your content or creating a new page on your website, incorporate these keywords into their copy naturally. You can’t just write ‘locksmith’ over and over again because that looks bad, but you should still use them throughout the page!

Don’t Forget Link Building.

This is one of the easiest ways to rank a locksmith business on page 1 of Google, but it can also be one of the most difficult. Link building involves finding websites that have linked back to your website in the past and asking if they will put a link from their site back to yours. You do this by creating a one-way ‘doorway’ link. This is where you put a do-follow link on your site that goes back to another website but doesn’t pass any of your ranking power (Link Juice) with it.

This way, you get another link from an authoritative website while not helping them at all! It’s good for both you and the website, so link building is always a good idea. The trick to this step is finding websites that focus on your ideal customer and get them interested in your website.

If You Don’t Have Already GMB Get One Now!

Google My Business is a tool that Google uses to show searchers your physical address, phone number, and reviews from past customers. This way when someone looks for a nearby locksmith business on their smartphone or computer, yours will pop up in the search results!

This instantly tells local consumers that you are a trusted source because Google doesn’t promote fake businesses on their search engine. If you don’t have a GMB already, get one now and use it to show your potential customers that you are the right choice for them!

Use Facebook To Your Advantage.

The best thing about Facebook is that it’s free and usually easy to set up! All you need to do is create a Facebook page for your business, post relevant content at least twice per day, and buy some Facebook ads. The best part about this step is that if you get enough likes on your page, then it will show up in more people’s feeds!

Use Quora to Your Advantage.

Quora is a website that asks community members questions and gives them answers from other people on the site. It’s a great way to get your website found by new customers who are looking for a locksmith service, and it can help you rank on page 1 of Google too! Quora uses a voting system, so the highest voted answer will appear first in the search results. The way you do this is by getting a lot of people to upvote your answers, and then creating a link back to your website!

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly.

If you’re like most people, then you probably use Google to find local services on your smartphone! That means if your website isn’t mobile-ready, then it probably won’t show up in the search results. If somebody is trying to look for a locksmith near them, then they will likely try to type in a search on their phone instead of from a computer. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly so you can do more business!

Write Blog Posts About The Locksmith Services You Specialized In.

Blogging is a great way to rank in the search engines, and it’s free! Just create a blog on your website by going to WordPress or Blogger and start writing about the locksmith services you specialize in. Google loves high-quality content, so they will reward your page for ranking well when people search for similar things related to your blog.

Don’t Forget Video Marketing!

Videos are one of the best ways to rank in Google, especially if they are high quality and relevant enough that people want to watch them over and over again! You can record yourself giving helpful tips for locksmith services or show your past customers doing something great because you helped them out. The best part about video marketing is that every time somebody watches your videos, they are seeing your website in their searches!

Get An AMP Website.

If you haven’t heard of the AMP project, then you are in for a surprise because it’s going to help your ranking big time! The Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP) is an open-source initiative that focuses on hosting mobile content. This means if you create an AMP version of your website, then Google will automatically show your website to more people when they search for something related to your page!

Google Alerts Keep You Ahead Of The Game.

If you want to be found by customers on the internet, then you have to know when somebody is talking about your locksmith business! Google Alerts sends you a notification every time somebody has mentioned anything related to your company online. The best part is that it’s going to be free and save you a ton of time from having to search for yourself.

Make Sure You Have Great Customer Reviews.

Your customers are your biggest fans, and that’s why it’s so important to keep them happy! Make sure you ask for reviews after every service call, especially on sites like Yelp or Facebook. This is one of the best ways to get found because people trust what other people say about services more than they trust commercials or ad campaigns.

If You Have Reviews, Then Ask For Them To Be Featured!

Some review websites only let the businesses ask for reviews instead of letting customers leave them when they are done. This can be frustrating when you want to build up your company’s online reputation, but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you have Google My Business, then you can ask for reviews instead of begging for them. This will help your search engine ranking so much, but you have to ask for them at the right time!

Hire A Google My Business Expert.

Having a business on Google is essential, and that’s where hiring an expert comes into play. Many people claim to be Google My Business experts, but I can promise you that they aren’t worth your time. If somebody says that they are the expert on it and charging a fee, then you should run because there’s no such thing! Google keeps its algorithm a secret, which means the only way to learn more is to be an expert yourself.

The Best Locksmith Marketing Strategies Include Using Local Seo and Search Engine Optimization Techniques to Rank Higher on Google Searches.

The more you rank on these searches, the more new customers will find your website and call you for help! Use these best locksmith marketing strategies for more business than you know what to do with!

To rank your locksmith business on page 1 of Google, you can take a few simple steps. If you have been wondering how to optimize for search engines and be found by customers online, these behavioral neuroscience principles will help you drive more traffic into your marketing funnel with less effort!

The only thing that’s left is to put in the work and we know that won’t be hard at all. We hope this article has helped answer some questions about ranking locksmiths on Google or if it didn’t then let us know what else needs clarification.

Our team of experts is ready and waiting to partner with you so together we can create a stellar SEO or marketing plan that drives sales through customer satisfaction from understanding how people think when they make decisions. This is what we do at Alignment Online Marketing. Why? Because your locksmith business depends on it!

Search rankings are just the start of getting more traffic to your website, but they won’t last forever. If you want to stay competitive in the digital world then you must learn new strategies every day out on internet marketing and local SEO.

Client Testimonials for Rank Locksmith Business on Page 1 of Google:

  • “Alignment Online Marketing is very easy to work with and they know what they are doing. We have seen an incredible increase in our online marketing efforts since we started working together.” – Robin Y., TX
  • “Alignment Online Marketing is the first company that has grasped what I want for my locksmith business. They are friendly and they’re not expensive, too! Their reputation speaks for itself, so go ahead and hire them as I did!” – Danny B., CA
  • “We didn’t know how to rank our locksmith business online, but Alignment Online Marketing explained it in a way that was easy to understand. We’re happy with the results and I’m glad we hired them!” – Elizabeth H., NY
  • “Alignment Online Marketing lives up to their name because they have aligned our company’s marketing efforts so that we can rank on Google. These guys are the real deal and we love working with them!” – Stephanie D., CA

Alignment Online Marketing wants to show you how to rank your locksmith business on page 1 of Google using these simple steps. With the thousands of locksmith businesses popping up each year, it’s hard to stay afloat in the digital world without some help. You must follow these simple steps to optimize your website for search engines and be found by customers on the internet. These are the best tips for ranking locksmiths on Google-and they’re pretty simple!

So, Do You Want to Rank Your Locksmith Business on Page 1 of Google?

If you’re looking for a new website or marketing strategy, then this article is perfect for you. The best way to rank your locksmith business on page 1 of Google is by following these simple steps and using local SEO techniques. These are the best tips for ranking locksmiths on Google-and they’re pretty simple!

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Go to alignmentonline.com or give us a call at (512) 831-7322 today! We’ll show you how to rank your locksmith business on page 1 of Google with these simple steps. With the thousands of locksmith businesses popping up each year, it’s hard to stay afloat in the digital world without some help. You must follow these simple steps to optimize your website for search engines and be found by customers on the internet. These are the best tips for ranking locksmiths on Google-and they’re pretty simple!

New Client Special: Alignment Online Marketing wants to give you a new client special if you’re a locksmith business owner interested in ranking your website on Google’s first page. Most locksmiths spend a lot of money every month trying to get new customers, but did you know that over 60% of people look at local businesses online before spending their hard-earned money? We want to offer you an incredible deal to help you rank your locksmith business on page 1 of Google and get new customers in the process.

Alignment Online Marketing is a creative digital marketing agency with eight years of experience driving traffic for businesses across Austin, Texas, and nationwide. We offer full-service digital marketing that includes website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and marketing strategy. Our core values include business transparency and honesty, and we strive to give you the best return on investment (ROI) in the industry. Since 2010, we’ve tirelessly worked with clients from all types of industries including commercial developments, retail stores, restaurants & bars, home services companies like locksmiths, and more! Check out our website or give us a call today!

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