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You're a Business Owner and You Need a Website, but You Don't Know Where to Start.

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It’s hard to find the right web design company that can give you what you need at an affordable price.

Alignment Online Marketing is here for your needs. We offer complete web services including website design, hosting, maintenance, and more! Contact us today for all of your online marketing needs!

We specialize in beautiful website design using CSS, HTML, and jQuery. We also offer custom Web Programming Services including eCommerce websites, CMS customization, and more! Since 2008, we have been managing online marketing campaigns for small to medium-sized businesses.

With our help, you can assess your current online presence, improve your search engine ranking, attract new customers, build brand awareness, establish online credibility and increase web traffic easily.

Using Alignment Online Marketing's Professional Web Design Services

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Our complete website services help our clients build their business’ digital identity by creating beautiful websites that are perfect for search engine ranking.

By using the most current HTML5/CSS3 standards to design your website, you can be sure that your site will load quickly and render perfectly across all devices.

We build a custom design to fit the features your business needs most. Our designs are not only beautiful but also user-friendly. With our complete web services, you’ll have a responsive website that is compatible with every device!

How We Can Help Your Business

Websites are an important aspect of growing your business. You need one that is not only attractive but also user-friendly and effective at drawing in new customers.

Alignment Online Marketing can help you create a custom design for your business so you can establish the professional image you want to portray online. We work with all types of businesses including those in industries such as:

Locksmiths, Movers, Garage Door Repair, Plumbers, Solar Panel Installation, Water & Damage Restoration, Food Truck & Local Restaurants, Travel Agencies, Diamond Dealers, Roofing Companies, Carpet Cleaning, HVAC, Hair Salons & Keratin Straightening, Franchise and more!

We also work with local, national, and international businesses as well as non-profit organizations.

We can help you market your business online, increase brand awareness and establish credibility for yourself or your company’s website. We have extensive experience marketing a variety of different products and services including Roofing Companies, Insurance Agencies, Roof Installation, and more!

Along with Custom Web Design Services We Also Offer:

Our Mobile-First Website Design Strategy

Web design is no longer limited to the computer screen. We use our expertise to make sure your website looks great on any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile!

Increasingly, consumers are using smartphones and tablets as their primary gateway for purchasing goods and services online. As such, it is important for businesses today to have a truly mobile-friendly website.

Alignment Online Marketing uses a mobile-first approach when designing websites which ensure that the user experience on any device is not compromised in any way.

Our team also focuses on providing customers with relevant information at their fingertips. This means that we do not overload our customers with blogs or other content that they may not be interested in. Instead, we provide them with the necessary contact information and call to action that will allow them to move forward in their purchase journey.

We Make Sure Our Websites Load Times Are Lightspeed!

Not only do we make sure your website is mobile-friendly, but it will also be optimized for speed.

Our website design team uses the latest advancements in HTML5 and CSS3 coding to make sure that websites load lightning fast on all devices. This means that customers have a smooth experience whether they are searching on their desktop computer at work or their mobile device while commuting.

Our company uses a variety of tools and techniques that allow for faster web page load times. This is achieved through the use of a content delivery network (CDN) which serves cached files from data centers with high-speed connections to end-users. Our team also makes sure all images are compressed in the most efficient way possible and that code has been optimized for speed.

Alignment Online Marketing also makes sure that our clients benefit from increased bandwidth and higher search engine rankings (SEO). This is important because it means customers can find your website when they type in a relevant term that relates to your business or industry.

We Help You Rank on the Search Engines!

Our highly experienced team of website designers can help you rank on page one of Google and other search engines for your relevant keywords. We do this through a mix of different strategies including:

Alignment Online Marketing’s team of professional website designers will help you with your search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. This means that when customers are searching for the products or services you offer, they are more likely to find your website through search engines.

Our team of website designers will help you identify your target keywords that are relevant to your industry, product, or service. We then integrate these keywords into your site copy in a way that ensures search engines pick up on them and correctly index them for relevant searches. This process also helps customers find your business when they are searching for products or services related to your industry.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Alignment Online Marketing’s team of website designers and social media marketers will help you grow your target market by using a variety of social media platforms.

We create custom social media strategies that promote brand awareness and drive traffic to our client’s websites. This is achieved through the use of social media ads, profile optimization, and content marketing.

Our team can also help you monitor your online reputation on third-party review sites such as Yelp, Google Plus, and Facebook. We do this by answering customer reviews promptly and posting positive comments when they are warranted. Content Marketing

Our experienced website designers know that content is king in the internet marketing world.

Our team will help you create a variety of “evergreens” content such as blog posts, industry e-books, and infographics. This type of online marketing strategy enables us to serve our clients for years to come when we continually add new and relevant content to their site.

Reputation Management

When customers leave a review on a third-party website, we monitor the situation and make sure that it is addressed promptly. We may also take proactive steps to help improve our clients’ online reputation when appropriate by posting positive comments about their business.

Our team of professional website designers will help you take full advantage of the internet and social media to increase brand awareness. This will help you achieve a leadership position in your industry by being recognized as the expert on a given topic.

If you need help with your website design or redesign, contact Alignment Online Marketing. Our team of professional web designers will work with you to create a site that is visually appealing and optimized for search engine ranking (SEO). We also provide social media optimization services that can be used in conjunction with our SEO strategies to promote brand awareness and drive traffic to your business’s website. Contact us today!

client testimonials for website design/redesign services with alignment online marketing

John P.
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"The team at Alignment Online Marketing has provided our organization with social media consulting and website design services. We are pleased to have found them, as they have truly become a strategic partner in our marketing efforts."
Michelle M.
Read More
"Our business has benefited from our website redesign project with Alignment Online Marketing. Our new site looks great and easy to navigate."
Janet P.
Read More
"Our team of website designers at Alignment Online Marketing communicated well throughout the entire design process, which made the experience a pleasurable one."
Jim R.
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"We have been using SEO services from Alignment Online Marketing for several years now and have seen an increase in web traffic as a result."
Rose T.
Read More
"Our website redesign project was a positive experience. Our new site is fresh and easy to navigate."
Mary S.
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"We have been using Alignment Online Marketing for our SEO services for more than 3 years now. Over that time, we have seen our company grow significantly in terms of web traffic and sales."
Kevin P.
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"We have been using Alignment Online Marketing for our search engine optimization services and we are very pleased with the results that we have seen so far."
Carol S.
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"We hired Alignment Online Marketing to help manage our company's social media presence. They provide us with engaging content and timely responses to customers' questions and issues."
Sara W.
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"Our business has been using Alignment Online Marketing for our SEO services and we have noticed a significant increase in web traffic since we began. We recommend them."
David M.
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"Our website redesign project was a success with the help of Alignment Online Marketing. Our new site looks fresh and engaging!"
Cindy F.
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"We wanted to take some time to express how pleased we are with our partnership with Alignment Online Marketing. Their team is always available when we need them, which is one of the reasons why they're such a pleasure to work with."
Sarah T.
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"We knew that our previous website was outdated and prevented us from gaining the visibility we needed to be successful. Alignment Online Marketing was able to develop a stunning new site for our business within a short timeframe. We are very pleased with the final results."

Do You Need a New Website?

We are Alignment Online Marketing, a web design company in Toronto that provides complete website services. Our team of professional web designers will work with you to create a site that is visually appealing and optimized for search engine ranking (SEO).

We also provide social media optimization services that can be used in conjunction with our SEO strategies to promote brand awareness and drive traffic to your business’s website. Contact us today!

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