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GMB optimization

Are you ready to take your GMB optimization to the next level?

In today’s world, a strong online presence is important for any business. For small businesses, in particular, making sure customers are able to find them on Google Maps and other platforms can be crucial. One of the most effective ways to do this? A well-optimized GMB listing!

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What is Google My Business Optimization?

Google My Business Listing SeoGMB Optimization is a powerful service that takes what you’ve already done to improve your Google My Business listing and pushes it over the edge. GMB optimization includes checking for any errors or outdated information on your GMB profile, making sure everything looks good at first glance, and optimizing with SEO keywords in order to get found by search engines.

A Google My Business listing can be the difference between your business being found online or not. With everything going digital, it is more important than ever to create a strong presence on Google Maps and leverage their tools for increased visibility in local search results.
GMB optimization provides many benefits including helping you attract high-quality traffic as well as build an audience base of potential customers that are geographically close enough to visit your store in person. This process requires patience because only time will tell how long-lasting these SEO efforts maybe, but with Alignment Online Marketing’s innovative methods such as keyword research, we want our clients’ success stories to continue growing!

Why is it important for your local business to have a listing on GMB?

Having a GMB listing is an essential part of local business success in the digital age. In addition to giving people who are already your customers another way to find you, it also helps potential customers and clients find you more easily! By keeping your basic information updated and your listing optimized, you dramatically increase your chances of showing up in the Google 3-Pack which is the top 3 results in a local search. This 3-Pack gets 75+% of all the clicks!!!

Google has made great strides with its GMBs platform over the last few years – but there’s still plenty that can be done to make sure your GMB listing is up-to-date and optimized for SEOAlignment Online Marketing specializes in local SEO, so we’re more than happy to help you optimize your Google My Business profile!

What are The Benefits of Having an Optimized GMB Listing?


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Well-maintained listings have 5X more views than those who haven’t been claimed by their owners AND 2.7x better reputation rating when it comes to being reputable in your field of work or industry (which means they’ll rank higher on search engines).

Put some time into maintaining an honest listing for your local business and watch how quickly things change for you out there in the cyber world!
It’s been proven that small efforts like having a complete listing and updating it regularly can go a long way in attracting new customers. Consumers are 38% more likely to visit your business, 29% more likely to consider purchasing from you, and most importantly they’re less frustrated with the process!

Google Maps is not just limited to driving directions. With proven methods, you will start attracting new customers in no time! Our GMB Optimization services help businesses get on the map – literally! Together we can leverage Google’s Ecosystem to boost your business with improved ranking and increased exposure in search results.

GMB audit

Is your Google My Business Listing Optimized Properly or Not?

  • Is your GMB listing complete? Does it have all the necessary information such as name, address, hours of operation, and contact numbers?
  • Are you using Google My Business categories correctly to present a clear image of your business?
  • Do you have photos that represent what customers will experience at your place or event?
  • Are you regularly updating with posts, Q&As, photos, etc.?
  • Are your reviews being answered?

These are just a few of the many ways to evaluate whether your GMB listing is optimized to a basic level. There is so much more to consider for a fully optimized GMB listing.

See Some Examples

Here are some snippets of stats from our clients showing how in just 1 week we improved their GMB listings greatly!

Google My Business Optimization Alignment Online Marketing

When your GMB listing is optimized and updated consumers are 38% more likely to visit your business and 29% more likely to consider buying!

What’s Included In Our GMB Optimization Services?

Well, we’ll start by going over all of your GMB features and options to make sure that you’re maximizing the potential from our end. We will then create new content for posts, media coverage, Q&A’s as well as give feedback on what we think works best based on research.

We know you need great photos for your business but don’t have the time or skill to take them. That’s where we come in! We’ll upload 3-5 geo optimized, relevant and engaging posts a week into your Google My Business account each with an eye-catching photo that will get customers searching for businesses like yours clicking on links back to your website so they can contact you about what they’re looking for.

We provide the following:

  • GMB Keyword optimization
  • Maintaining NAP (name, address, phone) accuracy and consistency
  • Regularly scheduled high-quality posts (images, videos, etc.)
  • Carefully monitoring GMB Insights and making changes accordingly
  • Updating the Q&A section
  • Providing feedback for things you can do to improve the listing

GMBO Services FAQ

Google My Business Optimization (GMBO) is the process of optimizing your Google My Business account to improve your business’s visibility and organic search results.

There are several ways to optimize your GMB account, including creating a strong business listing, adding high-quality photos, and posting useful content.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the level of optimization that’s right for your business will vary depending on your industry, location, and target audience. However, there are a few things you can look for to determine if your account is optimized.

There could be several reasons why your business shows up in the same search results as other businesses with similar names. It’s possible that there are other entities in your area with the same name, or perhaps another business has registered another listing for your name.

There are several ways to check your current Google My Business rankings, including our new GMB rank tracking tool, email [email protected] for more information on this,

Google Maps is a special version of Google. Ranking highly in Google Maps can help you gain more visibility for your listing and give your business an edge over the competition.

Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews by sending them an email, asking them if they’d be willing to take a minute to leave feedback on their experience with your business. Consider offering an incentive, such as a coupon for future purchases, to encourage people to leave reviews.

Click-to-Call (also known as Call Extensions) makes it easy for mobile users to call your business by clicking on a button in the search results. To add click-to-call, you’ll need to create a phone number for your business and verify it with Google.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the optimal size for your business’s photos will depend on some factors, including your industry and target audience.

Numerous factors affect how often you should post on your GMB account, including the size of your business, surrounding competition, and the type of posts.

The type of information you should include on your GMB account will vary depending on the industry and target audience of your business. However, some general things to include are a business description, contact information, hours of operation, and a link to your website.

There are some other things you can do to optimize your GMB account, including publishing a strong NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), adding photos and videos, and encouraging customers to leave reviews.

It can be difficult to rank for a generic search term without having an exact plan of action. However, if your business falls within a certain industry, you can try targeting related keywords to increase visibility for your brand.

There are several strategies you can employ to optimize your GMB account on an ongoing basis, including creating high-quality listings, publishing strong NAP information, and adding photos and videos. You can also encourage customers to leave reviews and check your rankings regularly to track your progress.

The products section in your GMB account should include a description of the goods and services you offer. You can also include a list of categories where you fall, as well as images and contact information.

The products section of your GMB account should consist of a well-defined description of the goods and services you offer. The products section helps Google understand what you sell and include relevant keywords so that people looking for the types of services you offer will find your business in their search results. You can also use this section to provide details on the categories where you fall, any images of the products you offer, and contact information.

Google My Business listings are verified by clicking a link in the confirmation email that Google sends to the address associated with your account after you’ve created it. A business can have regular GMB listings and verified GMB listings.

In this section, you should describe your business and include a link to your website. You can also share the types of services you offer and why people should choose your business.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the optimal number of photos you should include on your GMB account will vary depending on many factors. However, adding more photos can help you stand out from the competition and increase customer engagement.

You can learn a lot from the insights section on your GMB account, as it provides you with information about how often your account is viewed, as well as where those views are coming from. This helps you determine which types of posts and marketing strategies to focus on and which ones aren’t working for your business.

When creating a Google My Business listing, you’ll need to enter the name of your business, a phone number for customers to reach your business, a description of what your business does and who it serves so people looking for those things will find you, as well as information about the geographic location of your business.

GMB posts are a great way to engage customers and promote your business. You can use them to announce sales and promotions, share information about new products or services, or simply say hello to your customers. Just be sure to keep your posts relevant to your business and its target audience.

Yes, you can add your website URL to your GMB profile as well as include a link to it as part of the information for your business. Just make sure that the link directs people to an optimized landing page designed with potential customers in mind.

Yes, you can add more than one business to your GMB account. Just make sure that each business has its dedicated profile with accurate information.

Why Choose Us?

Too busy to work on optimizing your Google My Business Listing? We can do the heavy lifting to help you save time and grow your business.
We’ll customize a GMB optimization plan for your business based on your needs, goals, and budget to get you the results you’re looking for.

Don’t have the means to hire a GMB specialist in-house or on an as-needed basis? Alignment Online Marketing offers affordable Google My Business Listing Optimization services that can help you save money.

We’ll optimize your GMB listing for local SEO so it’s easy to find and customers will be more likely to contact you. This will help increase your revenue and grow your business.

Our marketing strategists will make sure that your Google My Business is accurate and up-to-date.

We’ll help you build a GMB strategy, create engaging content for your Google My Business listing and optimize it to get found in the search engines.

Our team of experts will keep up with changes to the Google update algorithm so we can maximize our marketing efforts for you year-round.

Now you can stay updated and get a real-time look into our performance.

With the latest updates to our platform, we’ve made it really easy for clients like yourself to see what’s going on in one place – without having to go through all of those reports that are just sitting there waiting. We’re already committed to your success so why not let us take care of monitoring?

We provide full service and ongoing support to make sure you continue seeing great results for years to come.

In Conclusion

A well-managed GMB listing will help you control your reputation and put a positive spin on it for those who are considering doing business with you. It also enables the ability to engage customers more frequently, which is something that people love about Google My Business listings in general! Finally, there’s no denying how powerful mobile search engines have become these days – so getting found by this demographic can be great too!

Google Maps has been around forever now (well not really but long enough) and we’re all accustomed to looking them up whenever we need directions or want restaurant recommendations. What many of us don’t know is that if you’ve got an online presence then setting up a Google My Business account could actually lead to increased revenue as it increases visibility to potential customers.

It’s a great way to build your brand and increase visibility for your local business. With more and more people using Google Maps to find businesses, it’s important for you to make your GMB listing as accurate as possible.

Are You Ready?

If that sounds like something you want – then contact us for more information on how we can help you with GMB optimization!

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"I'm so happy I decided to use AOM for their GMB optimization services. My business has seen a 40% increase in leads and website traffic since working with them. Thanks, AOM!"
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