Get More Customers from PPC by Writing Effective Ad Copy

The following article is about the importance of writing effective ad copy for your PPC campaign. You may be wondering what that means or why it matters; luckily, we have some tips to help you out!

If you use a good headline and a well-written body, you can attract the right customer from your ads on Google or Facebook. For those who have never done this before, don’t worry! We have some helpful tips that will teach you how to write better ad copy for your business.

1. What is PPC and Why is it Important?

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a form of online marketing used by many businesses. You set an amount you are willing to pay for each click, and it will display your ad when someone searches on Google with relevant keywords.

What happens if you don’t use PPC? Your ad won’t show up in searches, and you won’t get the number of clicks that you would like.

This is why it’s important to write effective ad copy for your business. You can use specific keywords in your ads so they are relevant to what people are searching for.

2. Writing Effective Ad Copy – A Quick Start Guide

One way to improve your ad copy is to use a call-to-action. This could be something like “download now” or “contact us today”, anything that will encourage people to click on the ad.

Another piece of advice for writing effective ad copy is to write it in an engaging tone that reflects your brand voice. If you are too formal, your ad won’t sound natural. However, being informal might cause people to question the legitimacy of your business.

Another tool you can use is a sense of urgency. You can do this by using a time-sensitive call-to-action like “limited offer” or “order before [date]”. This will encourage clicks and conversions because it makes your ad seem more relevant and time-sensitive.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to track the performance of your PPC ads so that you can adjust them accordingly. You can do this by using a tool like Google Analytics or a Google Ad Planner account; both will give you an overview of various statistics such as useful insights, clicks, and conversions. This will help you improve the ad copy and make your product appealing to consumers.

3. Tips for Writing Better Ad Copy

The following are helpful tips that will help guide you when writing your ad copy.

1) Use a good headline. This is the first thing people see, so make it count!

2) Write a concise description of what your business does. If it sounds professional, people might assume your business isn’t legitimate or trustworthy.

3) Keep it relevant and time-sensitive. This will help your ad stand out from the crowd and encourage people to click on it.

4) Use a call-to-action that encourages people to take an action (i.e., sign up for a service or download now). This is useful because it helps you generate more leads for your business.

5) Track the performance of your PPC ads using analytics, keywords, or a Google Ad Planner account. This will help you determine which ad copy works best and what needs to be improved.

4. Examples of Successful Ads

The following are examples of ad copy that have performed well. You can see what makes them effective and generate ideas for your PPC campaign.

1) Click here to learn more about online advertising.

This headline is good because it captures what the target audience is searching for (i.e., information on how to advertise online). The use of “click here” encourages people to click on the ad.

2) Limited Time Only! Fake ID for $150. Get Yours Now.

Here, you can see how a sense of urgency helps the ad from being ignored by readers. The use of exclamation points will get attention and encourage people to convert to the ad.

3) Get a Free Moving Quote from Paul’s Movers.

There is nothing that stands out about this ad, but it does get the message across. The only advice here would be to add a call-to-action to demonstrate your desire for people to click on the ad and request a quote.

5. Common Mistakes That Can Be Avoided

1) Using a generic headline. People will be confused about what your business does and might not click on the ad.

2) Nothing that stands out from the other ads displayed. If you’re too similar to others, people will ignore you since they have already seen those ads before.

3) No sense of urgency or call-to-action. Without these, you’re not capturing attention and likely won’t get the result you want.

4) Poor grammar or punctuation. If your ad looks unprofessional people might question its legitimacy.

5) Too general (i.e., targeting all of Canada when your business is located in Edmonton). This will make it difficult to attract the right customers and generate leads.


6. Helpful Resources on the Topic

Doing PPC marketing for your business is a great way to reach more customers. But it can be difficult to write effective ad copy that will resonate with your audience.

The most important part of the ads is the headlines. These will help determine how well your ad ranks in Google, which means you’re more likely to draw the attention of customers who are actually looking for you.

The body of your ad copy should describe the benefits to customers of buying from your company and offer a clear, simple call-to-action that guides them back to your site or elsewhere on the Web. Here are some helpful resources for new PPC advertisers:…ents#content

By writing better ad copy for your PPC marketing, you can get more customers to your site and boost sales. If you’re a new business owner, here’s a helpful infographic that will walk you through the steps to writing better PPC ad copy:

More than 5 million local businesses use Kudzu to drive highly targeted traffic to their websites. Kudzu displays business profiles, reviews, and photos for local businesses on its site and helps them gain visibility in Google search results. Use Kudzu’s PPC keyword tool to get keywords that your competitors are using to drive traffic.

Writing effective ad copy can get you more customers from Google or Facebook ads. A good headline, well-written body and a clear call to action lead people back to your site. Here are some helpful resources for new PPC advertisers:…ents#content

How to Write Better PPC Ad Copy for Your Business was written by the Koozai content team on behalf of Kudzu for more information please read our guidelines.

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