Locksmith Keywords: A Complete Guide to SEO for Locksmiths

Search engine optimization is the key to ranking high in search results for terms that are relevant to your business. If you’re a locksmith, then you’ll find this guide helpful because it has some excellent tips for optimizing your website with keywords that will help potential customers find you!

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If you’re a locksmith, then you’ll find this guide helpful because it has some excellent tips for optimizing your website with keywords that will help potential customers find you!

Where to Use Locksmith Keywords?

Your keyword choice shouldn’t be random; it needs to be deliberate. You’ll want to try using them in the title of your website, in your meta description, and even on a page with your content like titles, headings, and images.

Place keywords in the content of your locksmith website because this is where users will scan. For instance, in your heading, you’ll want to use the words “locksmith service” so that when people search for locksmith service in their area they see your business. You’ll also want to be specific about what kind of locksmith services you offer like high-security deadbolts, emergency lockout help, and keyless entry systems.

In your copy, you’ll want to use “locksmith near me” because being specific with the terms people search for will help you rank higher on Google’s results page. You should also mention what kind of locksmith service is offered in your area. Are you a 24-hour emergency locksmith? Do you specialize in car keys? Just be careful not to overdo it. If you’re putting the same phrase in every other sentence, then people will think that your content is spammy and Google won’t rank you high for those terms.

Add Geo-targeting to Your Locksmith Keywords

Many of the tools in our Locksmith SEO package will include geo-targeting so that you rank higher on local results for customers near you. This is important because if someone needs a locksmith right now, they aren’t going to search geographically far from their location. Instead, they’ll get more accurate results by searching with their city and state in the search bar.

When you use geo-targeted keywords, then customers are more likely to find your business on Google Maps and rank you high for key phrases like “locksmith near me” or “24-hour locksmith service” depending on what they need. You want them to see your website’s name right away so that they contact you instead of giving their business to your competition.

Create Strategic Headlines, Titles, and Descriptions

There are three main places where you’ll want to optimize your website with the keywords people search for when looking for locksmith service. The first place is in your headline, which usually appears on top of the webpage and in search engine results. For example, if you’ve chosen the phrase “locksmith near me” to target with your keywords, then your headline might read something like “24-Hour Locksmith Service Near Me – Trust Your Local Locksmith!”

This will help you rank higher for that phrase in search engines because Google wants to show its users the most relevant results. If your business is the only one with that specific headline, then you’ll be more likely to rank high on Google search.

If people see results like the above when they search for locksmiths near me, then they’re more likely to click on your website than any other results that don’t have the right phrase in their headline or description. That’s why it’s important to optimize those three places with keywords, so you rank high for the phrases people search for when looking for a company like yours.

Lastly, you should use those same keywords throughout your page content. The more you use specific phrases like “locksmith near me” and “emergency locksmith service,” the higher your page will rank on Google search results pages (SERP). You want to be both informative and persuasive with your content so that users click on one of those three links to visit your website or contact you for a quote.

Here’s a List of Keywords for Locksmiths You Should Focus Your Website

  • 24-hour emergency locksmith
  • 24-hour locksmith
  • 24/7 emergency locksmith
  • 24/7 locksmith
  • a locksmith
  • affordable locksmith
  • auto locksmith
  • auto locksmith near me
  • automotive locksmiths
  • broken key extraction
  • business locksmith
  • car key locksmith
  • car lockout
  • car locksmith
  • car locksmith near me
  • car unlock
  • certified locksmith
  • cheap locksmith near me
  • commercial lockouts
  • commercial locksmith
  • commercial locksmith services
  • copy key
  • door repair
  • door unlock
  • emergency lockout
  • emergency locksmith
  • emergency opening
  • emergency unlock
  • entry doors
  • eviction service
  • file cabinet locks
  • garage door installation
  • garage door locks
  • garage door repair
  • high-security keys
  • high-security locks
  • home security
  • house locksmith
  • how much does a locksmith cost
  • ignition keys
  • key broke in lock
  • key cutting
  • key duplication
  • key making
  • keys locked in car
  • local locksmith
  • lock change
  • lock change
  • lock installation
  • lock repair
  • lock replace
  • lock smith
  • locked keys in the car
  • lockout service
  • locksmith
  • locksmith car
  • locksmith cost
  • locksmith for cars
  • locksmith in
  • locksmith near me
  • locksmith prices
  • locksmith services
  • mailbox locks
  • master key
  • mobile locksmith
  • nearest locksmith
  • new locks installation
  • professional locksmith
  • push bars
  • rekey locks
  • residential lockouts
  • residential locksmith
  • transponder keys
  • trunk unlock
  • unlock car
  • unlock service

The majority of your customers will find you through Google, which means it’s up to you to make Google happy they found the right results for their searches. Make sure your website is optimized with keywords related to what people are looking for when searching for local locksmith companies. This way you’ll rank high for those searches and drive more customers through your doors.

You Should Also Use Your Locksmith Keywords in Your PPC Ads

In addition to optimizing your website with the right keywords, you should also use those same keywords in your pay-per-click ads. This includes Google AdWords and Facebook Ads since both of these places have a lot of users searching for customers exactly like yours.

Here’s how it works: when someone searches for “locksmiths near me,” you want to show up for that search because it means they’re ready to call or click on your business.

You can optimize your ad just like your website by using the same keywords, which helps Google understand what people are searching for when looking for a locksmith company. This is also true of Facebook Ads since both advertisers and users rely heavily on keywords to achieve their goals.

For example, if you have a locksmith ad for “locksmith near me,” the user could click on your ad and be taken to a page where they see the phrase “locksmith near me” over and over again. They might continue reading further down since there’s also other relevant information like contact information and other relevant services, but you’ll have a better chance of closing the deal if they see those words over and over again.

It’s important to note that you should avoid using your PPC keywords too much on your website because it can annoy users and hurt your rankings on Google search results pages (SERP). There’s no quantum limit on the number of times you can use a keyword in your website, but try not to “keyword stuff” too much or it’ll hurt your rankings.

You Should Also Use Your Locksmith Keywords in Your GMB optimization

Google My Business is an extremely important part of your local SEO. If you don’t have a GMB, then it’s time to sign up for one and start optimizing it right away because it can help you rank high in Google Maps.

When people are looking for locksmiths on their phone (and let’s face it, most people use their phone for local searches), they’re searching for locksmiths nearby. As a result, having a GMB and optimizing it with your Locksmith keywords is extremely important to getting those clicks from users looking for locksmith companies in their area.

Whenever you talk about what separates those who rank high from those who don’t, you’ll find that the number one reason they rank higher is because of a detailed and optimized GMB. Your business needs to show up on Google Maps, not only as of the first result but also with reviews from your past customers. This helps Google understand how you compare to your competitors by using location-specific keywords like “locksmith near me.”

Google My Business is a Google product so it’s important to keep in mind how Google works when you’re optimizing your GMB. This means you want to focus on adding lots of relevant information about your business, enough so that it all makes sense to a user searching for a locksmith.

Make sure that location-specific info is the first thing users see when they land on your GMB page. If you own a locksmith business in Virginia (VA), make sure to use VA-specific keywords like Locksmith Near Me, Auto Key Replacement Alexandria, Safe Installation McLean, and so on.

You can do this by having a complete address with the city and state included in the GMB title. Google will understand that this business is in Virginia and should rank higher for searches like Locksmith Alexandria and Safe Replacement McLean.

The more often I speak with locksmiths and other small business owners, the more I keep seeing many of them neglecting their web presence entirely. There’s such a huge opportunity for small businesses to rank well in Google by using keywords, and they’re currently missing out on a lot of traffic.

It’s not uncommon for locksmiths to have multiple locations with each location having its website, but this is a mistake because there’s no reason why all of your locations can’t be optimized the same way. Instead of wasting your time and money on multiple websites that do the same thing, you should consider putting all of your eggs into one Google-friendly basket.

You can also save yourself a lot of time by choosing to use an SEO company that looks after many different small businesses because they know exactly what needs to be done across multiple industries. Your business may include locksmithing, but it probably also has a lot of other services that could be optimized as well.

The key to ranking high on search engines like google and yahoo is content marketing. To rank well in Google, you’ll need to write blog posts that are optimized with the right keywords which will help drive traffic for your business online. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from speaking with locksmiths across America – it’s how easy it is for small businesses to neglect their web presence entirely by not optimizing their website or PPC ads with relevant keywords. The opportunity cost of missing out on potential customers can be significant so make sure you’re taking advantage of all opportunities available!

If you’re a locksmith and want to rank high on search engines like google and yahoo, I recommend reading the contents of this article. Improving your ranking will make it easier to reach more potential customers through your business. Alignment Online Marketing specializes in content marketing which is a key factor in your online rankings.

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